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Digitize your physical products

start to grow circular commerce

Twings is the technology platform that creates a digital ID for durable products. This digital representation of a physical product details its entire lifecycle, from inception to end-of-life. Just like a person's passport mentions where they're from, the digital ID tells the story of where a product comes from and where it has been.

This unique and real-time digital passport can act as the gateway towards circular business models: Registration, Repair, Reuse, Rent and Resell.

The leading Circular Operating System

The operating system for circular commerce

Creating value for user, brand and our planet

Value to product users

Get more value from products you buy

Product provenance

Understand how your products are made

Easy warranty registration

Simply scan and register

Real-time product valuation & re-sell

See what your product are worth and resell them

Get your products repaired

Easy access to repair and support options

Value to product brands

Engage through your product and go circular

Product traceability

Track the full lifecycle of each product from cradle to grave

Grow circular business

Enable resell, rent, repair and recycle business models

Grow lifetime customer value

Monetize on lifecycle extension and retain customers

Comply with EU regulation

Be prepared for Digital Product Passport legislation

Twings platform

Technology to digitize your physical products

Product cloud

Create a Digital ID for each individual item and connect to a physical label, QR or NFC.

Product ID generator

Integrating data from existing systems (eg.PLM, PIM, ERP)


Connect the Digital ID to the Physical Product using either QR or NFC tags or labels

Lifecycle tracking

Trace the full lifecycle of each item

Consumer portal

Equip your users with circular superpower

Digital product wallet

Register and access all your items in a single mobile wallet

Access circular services

Register, Repair and Resell your products

Control your communication

You own your data and chose how to interact

Circular Journey builder

Move beyond the customer journey and build rich and valuable circular experiences for your users

Connect to our Circular Marketplace

Use our extensive API to integrate a suite of circular service partners

Enable circular experiences

Build circular commerce; register, repair, resell

Supercharge your team

Leverage our team of growth experts to optimise customer interactions

Early adopters

These teams grow circular commerce with us

How it works

setting up a Twings experience

Activate a Twing

Build a comprehensive Digital ID for every item and start tracking product data from across the lifecycle.

Connect users

Use physical identifiers to share transparent product information and invite users to engage with circular services.

Capture lifecycle value

Monetize on the extended lifecycle of products through repair, resell or rental business.

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